Bicycle Loan Application

“To ride a bicycle is to be part of a community, to share a common experience, as much as it is about good health and helping the environment. This is a community that we love and support, a community that we all help to grow”.
Mission statement Cycling Ambassadors Portland, Oregon.

This is a sentiment we wish to share among our Local Community Bicycle Ambassadors in Hereford. Being a responsible and respectful person on a bicycle is a great advert for bicycle use and makes you a valued member of the community, promotes good behaviour on our roads and benefits everyone.
Funded by the Department for Transport to support active travel in Hereford, Herefordshire Council has developed a scheme offering loan bikes to people living in the city of Hereford for up to 6 months.

Out on our bikes, ready to ride

We find people enjoy riding our loan bikes, so if you do take part in the scheme it is worth thinking about how you will keep riding at the end of the loan period. A member of the Community Bicycle Ambassador team will be able to signpost you to schemes you may be able to access to help you buy your own bicycle and advice on buying a bicycle is available on the Bicycle Ambassadors website.

    You will need to apply to be a Bicycle Ambassador before you can apply to become a Local Bicycle Ambassador and you can start this process on the home page.
  • Your Details

  • We’re sorry but this scheme is only open to residents of Hereford city.
  • We need this to contact you at the end of the loan period to organise the return or loan extension.
  • Bike Loan

  • To avoid disappointment you need to book at least 7 days before the date of the ride.
    You may need one of our standard Dutch style bicycles but if you have children or problems with balance then you can request a Bloom, Thule or Tricycle. Please make your choice and we will try to find the right cycle for you.
  • Loan Agreement – Terms and Conditions

  • The Rider – Riding and Promoting Riding

    2.1 Swap a Journey
    I, the undersigned, understand that by accepting on hire the loan of the bicycle (as described in the Schedule below) and accessories, I will be expected to try to swap on average one day of existing or potential intra- city car journeys each week to bicycle journeys.

    2.2 Join Bicycle Ambassadors
    I understand that by accepting the loan of this bicycle I am required to join the National Bicycle Ambassador Scheme at and Follow the Bicycle Ambassadors on Facebook. I agree to ride in accordance with its principles and to follow any operating instructions issued for it by the Council to me e.g. through a cycle training lesson.

    2.3 Ride with ShirIey
    I agree to join a minimum of 2 Shirley’s Wheels rides and to join Facebook group with the first 3 months of the loan.- Please visit the Shirley’s Wheels Facebook page for details of events this coming up this year.

    2.4 Being an Advert for Riding a Bicycle
    I agree to share information and images about my bicycle use on the bicycleambassadors UK & / or Shirley’s Wheels Facebook page & / or Twitter by following @wearefietsers and on Instagram at Fietserlife.
    I also agree to the Bicycle Ambassadors scheme using images of me and my bicycle on the website.

    2.5 Promotion by Generation B Ambassadors
    Ambassadors who are not ‘Facebook friendly’ are required to provide one email each week with a photo. Those who do not have access to email are required to keep a paper journal for us and send us photos, by email, for use in our internal reports required by our funding providers, the Department for Transport. We simply ask for a minimum of one day of entries a week.

    2.6 Responsibility for safety
    I understand that any injuries sustained as a result of riding the bicycle are my responsibility and the Council accepts no liability for such injuries.

    The Bicycle – Security and Maintenance
    2.7 Ownership I understand that the Council will at all times retain ownership of the bicycle and I will have no ownership in the bicycle unless or until the Council agrees to transfer ownership to me when this agreement will end.

    2.8 Replacement in the event of Theft
    In the event of theft, I am required to replace the bicycle with the identical product, including all accessories. I understand that I must not dispose of or offer to dispose or attempt to dispose of the bicycle or its accessories.

    2.9 Image is important for Safety and Profile
    I understand that I must not modify the bicycle in any way, undertake any servicing or repairs to the bicycle, other than carrying out the basic pre-ride M check and the day to day upkeep. I understand that I am responsible for insuring that the bicycle is kept in good condition and working order and will use the approved service supplier for any maintenance that may be required.

    2.10 Damage
    In the event of damage, I will report it to the Community Bicycle Ambassadors Team immediately by emailing

    2.11 Maintenance, If the bicycle requires maintenance, I understand that it is my responsibility to have this maintenance carried out by Mastercraft Cycles I agree to arrange this by contacting Mastercraft on 01432 274047 or and notifying the Community Bicycle Ambassador Team by email at I agree that I will not ride the bicycle until required maintenance has been completed.

    2.12 Security I undertake always to secure the bicycle using the D-lock provided to a rigid structure whenever it is left unattended. I will store the locked bicycle in a locked garage or shed overnight. In the event of theft of the bicycle accessories, I understand that I am responsible for their replacement with identical items.

    2.13 Keys I understand that I am liable for procurement and the cost of replacement keys.

    2.14 Theft In the event of theft, I will report it immediately by emailing and report it to the police. I agree to take a photo of the bicycle including the Bike Register label to assist in the recovery of the bicycle should it be stolen.

    2.15 Returning the Bicycle
    I will return the bicycle to the Council immediately upon being required to do so by the Council whether due to termination of the Scheme, any breach of this Agreement by me or for any other reason. I agree to return the bicycle and all accessories to the Community Bicycle Ambassador Team – Contact on 01432 383007 – on or before the date as agreed e.g. 6 months from commencement of the loan.