It was very cold and wet and hard to believe that anyone would want,  even with the greatest will and post Christmas guilt in the world,  to make the effort get out and ride their bicycles in January, but the Community  Bicycle Ambassador Team in Hereford have been amazed by 

I was on my way home from Uni the other day when a Radio One host was talking about the Danish phenomenon HYGGE. She had just been in Denmark where she had asked Danish people what it meant and the answers left her pretty confused. One person had described it

Like my resolve to try and go plastic free in 2017 – yes, I know good luck with that one in the veg isle – I have promised myself to blog once a week, because it’s got to be easier and more pleasant than flossing; apologies to all the dentists reading,

WECycle was born from the energy, enthusiasm and expertise shared at the first Women and Cycling conference and the group, with the support of Herefordshire Council, hosted the second Women & Cycling Conference – towards 50:50 by 2020. Over 100 women attended the conference and you can read what just

First of all, I think that infrastructure does play a big role when it comes to getting people to ride bicycles. But no matter how many bicycle paths we build, sometimes we will have to ride on the road along with the people who drive cars. When we ride on

O.K., who has not heard the expression”bloody cyclist” before? It has been said and it has been said by many. But who wants to be the bloody cyclist? Who wants to see themselves as being a part of the group that other people call bloody cyclists? I know that I