Hereford Bicycle Ambassadors

“To ride a bicycle is to be part of a community, to share a common experience, as much as it is about good health and helping the environment. This is a community that we love and support, a community that we all help to grow”.
Mission statement Cycling Ambassadors Portland, Oregon.

This is a sentiment we wish to share among our Local Community Bicycle Ambassadors in Hereford. Being a responsible and respectful person on a bicycle is a great advert for bicycle use and makes you a valued member of the community, promotes good behaviour on our roads and benefits everyone.

Out on our bikes, ready to ride

Funded by the Department for Transport to support active travel in Hereford, Herefordshire Council has developed a scheme offering loan bikes to people living in the city of Hereford. This is the Local Community Bicycle Ambassador Scheme and makes available the free loan of a bicycle for up to 6 months.

People who participate in this scheme are required to provide regular Facebook and Instagram feedback about their bicycle journeys and to participate in activities to promote the scheme on social media: anyone with one of our bikes is an advert for riding a bicycle.

We find people enjoy riding our loan bikes, so if you do take part in the scheme it is worth thinking about how you will keep riding at the end of the loan period. A member of the Community Bicycle Ambassador team will be able to signpost you to schemes you may be able to access to help you buy your own bicycle and advice on buying a bicycle is available on the Bicycle Ambassadors website.

    You will need to apply to be a National Bicycle Ambassador before you can apply to become a Local Bicycle Ambassador and you can start this process on the home page.
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  • Social Media – Important please read

    All of Hereford’s local bicycle ambassadors have joined us because they want to help other people get on their bicycles.

    Local ambassadors not only ride their bicycles but, in order to help other people find out about active travel routes, led rides and anything else about being an ambassador, they share their journeys on social media too. So, if you want to be an ambassador too, you need to be happy on Facebook or Instagram (where most of the activity takes place) and with appearing on our website (

    We have very limited resources and are sorry that at this time applications for the local ambassador scheme from people who are not active on social media can take a little longer to process.

    However, we don’t want to leave anyone who rides a bike behind and so we offer ‘How to…’ sessions for people who are new social media. You can email the Community Bicycle Ambassador Team at to request a free 30 minute Social Media Savvy Session – please insert “SoMe” in the subject line and quote your Herefordshire library membership number when contacting the team.

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